Admission Prices

Tickets Before 6pm After 6pm 3D Movies

$6.75 - $8.75
Adults 13+ - $8.50 $10.50
Seniors 60+

- $6.75 $8.75
Children 12-
3 & Under is Free

- $6.75 $8.75


Permission Form


For our Rated-R Movies we require children under the age of 17 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents may complete the permission form that gives children under the age of 17 permission to purchase tickets at our box office and allows them to watch the movie without a parent or guardian. Each time a new permission Form must be completed.


Free Admission Passes

We will not accept Passes for a "No Pass Show" during the first 7 days. Passes that are expired will not be accepted as well. Any Questions or concerns can be directed towards management.